Tackling comparison websites

Comparison engines have made the utilities industry highly competitive and can often make it difficult to stand out. We use data intelligently to directly approach consumers with your product at a time that is relevant for them. This places you at the forefront and means you are more likely to acquire customers as they have been approached at an opportune moment.

Fresh, real-time enquiries

Each enquiry we provide will be fresh and exclusive for your use. Your customers will be engaged with your product and interested in the service you provide. We also stringently follow regulation to ensure all you have to do is secure the potential customers we find for you.

Dispelling myths

One of the main reasons energy customers are reluctant to switch is that they don’t realise just how easy it is to do. In order to attract your business customers, we work hard to dispel myths surrounding the energy market and emphasise just how easy it is to switch and the benefits that come with doing so.

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