Customer acquisition through awareness

The nature of mis-selling means that often there’s very little awareness on the part of the public that it’s occurring. We utilise our brands to help bring these often-unknown issues into the public’s mind, which in turn helps to acquire you customers who want to take action.

How the industry has grown

As a result of the PPI scandal, the claims management industry grew rapidly and consumers currently have over 1,000 companies to choose from. To get your product to stand out, we use innovative marketing techniques and provide the next level of customer service to engage and inspire confidence.

Success through experience

Despite strong competition, our success in this field is down to good, ethical practices which we rigorously adhere to and ensure our partners do too. This bolsters our reputations amongst consumers and enables us to succeed despite operating in a field with largely negative public perception. It’s also allowed us to really perfect, shape and put our partnership and acquisition strategy to the test in a tricky market.

Consumer attitudes understood

We understand how sensitive consumers are when it comes to financial claims and that attitudes aren’t always positive. This is why we dedicate extra resource into addressing such concerns and ensuring that consumers feel fully informed and happy when they sign up to receive the service your business provides.

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