Increased competition

The deregulation of the legal market in 2011 has introduced increased competition into the sector, making it more important than ever to find innovative ways to stand out and attract new customers. By using technology and data, we can connect you with compliant, qualified customers you may otherwise have been unable to reach and make your business competitive.

More time to focus on cases

 Recent cuts to legal aid may have forced you to funnel resource into existing cases, leaving you little room for attracting new business. We can help you by connecting you with customers as and when you need them, allowing you to concentrate on winning cases without the worry of business drying up.

Exclusive and cost effective solutions

Cuts to legal aid and reductions in medical negligence fees also means that you must run your business in a cost effective way. We understand that and that’s why we won’t overload you with potential customers. We’ll work to your specifications allowing you to take on extra work when it’s required and ease off when necessary. What’s more, every single enquiry we send you will be exclusive for your use to ensure that consumers are fully engaged with your product and optimised to become clients.

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